We make web projects so that your business is perceived with premium value.

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Online stores, corporate and portfolios

Show a unique website that differentiates you from other companies' competitors

Nowadays, if you don’t show something different, the public doesn’t stop. In Llimona we do web projects to make you stand out from the competition. We create unique designs according to your brand, your branding. This will undoubtedly make your product stand out and something interesting will be sensed in it.

We develop websites to last in time, to give value to your business. We offer you a quality online showcase and we put our more than 10 years of experience at your service, so you can make the most of us. Besides, you won’t see any website like yours.

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Web maintenance

You know those buildings they call white elephants? They are those that are made for the Olympics or some spectacular event and then abandoned, filled with living nature like the Mayan ruins. In this case we are talking about websites that, unfortunately, if they are not taken care of, they become obsolete, can fill with viruses and stop working. My recommendation is to take care of it and keep it always ready.


We can teach you how to manage your website or create one from scratch. Do it your self. We prepare specific classes according to your needs.

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We take care of the details, maintain fluid communication with you and share your enthusiasm for the project.

We design original websites, optimized and designed to stand out from the competition.

We are specialists in online stores developed mainly with Woocommerce and we know the programming code, databases, SEO standards and how to position your website in an organic way.