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El estudio

Somos un estudio especializado en el diseño y desarrollo de páginas web.

We make the most of your ideas.

Hi, I’m Kris Darias CEO of Estudi Llimona, responsible for thinking, producing, designing and programming web projects. In 2011 the initiative to create Estudi Llimona arose and since then we have not stopped.

Declaration of principles

First of all, we are a feminist and anti-fascist company that defends and supports sexual, affective and multi-cultural diversity. We have participated in projects that follow this line or do not contradict it.

We work between Mallorca and Barcelona and we have a physical space in ParcBit (Balearic technological research campus).

Nos encantan los detalles y trabajamos con pasión

Our team

Our team is diverse depending on the project. We try to work with people who are passionate and detail-oriented. For example with Arkaitz and Gauzak with whom we work on projects that require a brand redesign, naming and a custom web design, Mar Oliver (@maroliverilustracion) who is an excellent illustrator with whom we have recently worked for a database project, Mario G. Ferrer, SEO specialist, Jessica Rivas (designer and illustrator) and Alejandra Aponte (Junior programmer and StartUps consultant)…

Conoce algunos de nuestros clientes

Who have we worked with?

We have worked on numerous projects in Mallorca as well as in Barcelona, Madrid, Burgos, Galicia…

In the academic field, the University of Burgos (Pollolegi) and the University of Barcelona with whom we work on different projects related to literature, cinema, gender and philosophy.

Project carried out for Atresmedia together with AMIT (association of women researchers and technologists). We were commissioned to create the first public database of women scientists.

We have also worked with the University of Burgos on a very interesting and complex web project at the level of information architecture and design, of a scientific nature and at a European level, on the pollination of bees.

Within the In the business area, we highlight AdtBus (online reservation system for an adapted transport company in Mallorca), Wattacars (online rental system electric cars), GoodRobot – Glysphstock (corporate web for a company specializing in data backup), Caritas Mallorca (a project of online store with African fabrics), Rulot TV (audiovisual production company), Gauzak (design and industrial development company), Mel Caramel (organic honey from Mallorca), Fanatic Shop (online store of sales of dolls and T-shirts)….

In the more artistic context, we highlight the work done for the Galician poet Fran Alonso with the Poetic@ project (winner of several awards as a proposal for an interactive multimedia book), etc.

Nos encantaría hacer tu web

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We take care of the details, maintain fluid communication with you and share your enthusiasm for the project.

We design original websites, optimized and designed to stand out from the competition.

We are specialists in online stores developed with Woocommerce, Prestashop… and we know the programming code, databases, SEO standards and how to position your website in an organic way.