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Web maintenance for WordPress

You know those buildings they call white elephants?

It turns out that because of the Olympics or some other issue, buildings or facilities are constructed and then abandoned. At the beginning they are well intentioned, they look very nice but then….

0 investment, cease to function, self-degrade over time.

The same with websites.

Since you’ve spent money to build it, the least you can do is put some love and money into keeping it up to date, upgrading it and protecting it.


Maintenance plans



  • Updating plugins
  • WordPress version update
  • Updating php server version
  • Topic update.
  • Detection of incompatibilities with new updates and resolution of incidents
  • Backup recovery in case of virus attack and testing
  • Recommendations for future improvements to be evaluated separately
  • Monthly reports
  • Pack of 2 hours per year for content introduction.
  • 10% discount on development hours.
  • Email and WhatsApp support.



Online Store

  • Everything included in the Web Maintenance plan
  • Follow-up and review of the purchase process (orders, invoices, payment gateways, shipping cost…)
  • Server downtime detection
  • Pack of 4 hours per year for the introduction of contents and modifications.
  • WPML language plugin included
  • Email, WhatsApp and telephone support.

from 90€/month


6 Reasons

Periodic updates


One of the main advantages is the constant updating of WordPress. By hiring this service, we will take care of keeping your WordPress and all its components up to date every month.

Quick troubleshooting


What happens if your website has an error?

In case of technical failures, you can contact us and you will receive immediate attention. We will solve any problem in the shortest possible time.

When you contract the WordPress Maintenance and Updating service, you have priority in the resolution of incidents.

Virus recovery


The security of your website is paramount, and in case you are faced with a virus or malware, being prepared is crucial. With our virus recovery service, we provide you with peace of mind and effective solutions.

We take care of restoring and cleaning your site quickly, avoiding any interruption in your digital business. In addition, we implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of future attacks, ensuring the security and continuity of your online presence.

Load improvement


It is crucial that your WordPress website loads quickly to avoid losing potential customers. Good maintenance is essential to achieve this.

Keeping your WordPress up to date will prevent delays in loading content, which will help you retain and attract new customers.

Advice on your project


We treat every WordPress project as if it were our own. If you have ideas for improvement or changes in mind, do not hesitate to ask for a consultancy. We will advise you as we would do with projects developed by Llimona, we make your ideas come true!

Safety and stability


The security and stability of your WordPress are critical to the success of your online presence. With our specialized service, we make sure to protect your site to ensure the integrity of your WordPress.

So you can focus on growing your digital business with complete confidence in the security and stability of your platform.





Online Store

from 90€/month


Development packs

Pack of 10 hours 50€/hour usable for very specific new functionalities or specific changes that have to do with the code.

Single hours 60€/hour.

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You will most likely enjoy working with Llimona.

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