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we work

Our step-by-step process

If you are wondering how we approach a project, what we dedicate our/your time to, we have summarized it in these 6 steps. If you have any questions you can write us by chat or email and we will answer you.

In the meantime you can check the reasons why we could work together

1.-We listen to you

The first thing is to know what you want, what your company is like, the values you want to transmit, if you have any web preferences. Everything you tell us will be useful to find the right key.

2.-We study the competition and who your customers will be.

We benchmark to see what other companies in the sector or similar are doing. From there we detect what works and what can be improved.

3.- Information architecture

We order and simplify all the content you give us and reflect it in a sitemap (to see what pages will have your website and how they are related) and a wireframe (which is like a b/w sketch of the web) to distribute all the content in blocks.

4.- Creative direction

What we are looking for is a functional and creative website. To do so, we look for current trends by creating an inspirational moodboard.

Two or three sketches are made to see styles and that will help to choose the general style of the web. It will contain the home page and one or two more pages to see what the client feels most identified with. Because let’s not forget that we work for you to have a website that you like.

5.- To be programmed

First we choose the technology we will use according to the project (Wordpres, Woocommerce, Drupal, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.).

We configure everything and apply the design from the previous step.

6.- We test and Voilà!

Now you can tell the whole world that you have a website.

If something does not work as expected we review it carefully and follow up.


Razones para trabajar juntos/as

Nowadays, if you don’t stand out, you disappear. In Llimona we make web projects to stand out from the rest. We make unique designs according to your brand, your branding. This will undoubtedly make your product stand out and something interesting will be sensed in it.

Our job is to make your product be perceived more as a Chaiselong than as a plastic chair. You know that your product is of quality, because otherwise you wouldn’t do it, but the one who has to know it, experience it, desire it is your customer. If you want to know what I mean, stop by here.

The same is true if you have a cultural project. People read, yes, of course they read, but it is important to use the right typography, organize the content and create a sense of comfort that invites them to read. Here is an example

So with everything. We do not make a copy and paste, what we do is to sort the chaos, think, research, design and give you a web that when you show it, people will want more.

We will be your best ally and you will have the best options.

We develop websites to last in time, to give value to your business. We offer you a quality online showcase and we put our more than 10 years at your service, so you can make the most of us. Besides, you won’t see any website like yours.

Nos encantaría hacer tu web

Envíanos un email

We take care of the details, maintain fluid communication with you and share your enthusiasm for the project.

We design original websites, optimized and designed to stand out from the competition.

We are specialists in online stores developed with Woocommerce, Prestashop… and we know the programming code, databases, SEO standards and how to position your website in an organic way.